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Rayqual Canon FD / FL Lens Adapter to Fuji X Series Camera

Rayqual Canon FD / FL Lens Adapter to Fuji X Series Camera
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Rayqual Canon FD / FL Lens Adapter to Fuji X Series Camera
Precision quality fit !
Manual focus only
Control f/stops by turning aperture ring.
You will have manual exposure or aperture priority AE.
Remember these lenses were not designed to work with the XPRO, so not all of the features are functional. 

Mounting FD Bayonet Mount Lenses:

1) Move the aperture to the widest F/stop

2) Notice there are TWO index marks on the adapter:  a white-outlined triangle pointing towards the camera body and a solid white triangle pointing towards the lens.

3) 1st Align the lens red dot index mark with the white outlined TRIANGULAR index mark pointing towards the camera body.  Do NOT try to engage the adapter with the lens bayonet mount yet – that is the next step 4.  The purpose of this initial alignment is to engage the adapter’s pin BEHIND the lens aperture lever.

4) Now rotate the lens towards the SOLID white triangular index mark pointing towards the lens.  (this aligns the lens aperture pin correctly)

5) Now rotate the lens in the opposite direction toward and past the white outlined triangle pointing towards the camera body until it locks into place.

6) To remove the lens, press down on the lens release and rotate the lens back towards the SOLID white triangular index mark.

 1) Move the aperture ring to any f/stop, but not the A or O setting

 2) Make sure the largest aperture lug pin on the back of the lens is pushed to the left position(this is the only pin on the back of your lens which can be pushed back and forth) 

 3) Align the indexing marks on the adapter and lens, rotate breech mount to lock lens on to adapter

Mounting FD Breech Mount Lenses:

  • Mounting FL Breech Mount Lenses: Align the mounting points on the lens and adapter, turn lens mounting ring to lock lens on adapter, make sure aperture switch is set to M so you have manual control of the aperture
  • R Canonmatic Lenses: Will not mount.  The Canonmatic R lenses are the earliest Canon SLR lenses, made prior to the FL series. 

PLEASE NOTE: Rayqual FujiXpro1 adapters give proper infinity focus! Many adapters do not.
This is important to quickly focus by the distance scale on super wide lenses!

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