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We are looking for any quality camera gear but in particular for:



  • Bodies: SP, S3,S2, M, I, S before # 6094600, especially black bodies and Mint- or better bodies, Nikon S with red sync posts
  • Lenses: All, but particularly 21/4, 25/4, 35/1.8, 50/2 Collapsible, 50/3.5 Collapsible, 50/3.5 Macro, 50/1.4 and F/2 Black, 50/1.1, 85/2 Black, 85/1.5, 105/2.5, 135/4, 180/2.5, 250/4, 350/4.5, 500/5, 1000/6.3, also buying lens shades/caps
  • View Finders: Variable focus 35-135, black finder, chrome finder, mini-finder
  • Accessories: Motor drives highest priority, battery packs, cords, SP illuminator, lens caps, shades, boxes for camera and lenses, reflex housings
  • Lens adapters: Japanese Orion adapters to use Nikon RF or Contax RF lenses on Leica screw mount bodies with RF coupling, and the English Cook-Perkins adapter to us Contax RF lenses on Leica Screw Mount bodies with full RF coupling
  • I buy PARTS Nikon Rangefinders in poor condition to repair other cameras


Nikon F bodies(the first pro quality 35mm SLR):

  • Bodies: Early bodies before serial # 6400500
  • NASA bodies: bodies marked "US Navy" or "USAF" or "USMC"
  • High Speed F's
  • Lenses: 21/4, 50/3.5 Pre-set Macro,  6/2.8,  500/5, 1000/6.3, 2000/11, UV Nikkor,  85/1.8 with chrome filter ring, 5 cm / 1.4
  • Accessories: Mint- or better motors, especially with serial #'s on bottom of drive, brown    or grey battery packs, motor connecting cords, E++ or better prisms and metering heads (working or not)

Nikon F2 bodies:

  • Before serial number 7100200
  • Anniversary models
  • F2H High Speed
  • Mint motors

35mm cameras:

  • Military cameras:  US Military

  • Leica Rangefinders: The rarer items including 73/1.9, Thambar, Grey Leica IIIc's,  Military Leicas, original black M3, M2
  • Quality Leica Copies: Nicca, Honor, Leotax, Yashica, Konica 50/1.2 & 60/1.2
  • Minolta Rangefinders: 1950's interchangeable lens Leica screw mount cameras, early lenses 
  • Canon Rangefinders: Either the pre-war or the V and later, especially the late black lenses and finder, andblack bodies
  • Kodak Ektra: lenses, accessories.  This is Kodak's pre-war professional35 mm Rangefinder system camera--a worthy competitor to Leica and Contax
  • Zeiss Contax Rangefinders: 75/1.5, pre-war 180/2.5

35mm SLRs:

  • Exakta: Chrome Angenieux lenses, uncoated pre-war lenses
  • Fujica M42 Screw Mount 400, 1000 
  • Olympus Pen F  400mm
  • Kilfitt lenses 
  • Vivitar Series I CAT lenses 
  • Voigtlander SL I lenses, especially the 125/2.5
  • Zoomar lenses

Large Format:

  • Soft Focus Lenses: Large Format Pinkham-Smith, Verito, Kodak, Nicola-Perscheid, Canon & Fujica in 35mm, brochures, instructions etc
  • Goerz Hypergon Lenses
  • Multi-Coated Large Format lenses:  Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock