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Warranty Details

Official Cosina Voigtlander USA Distributor Since 2003

 CameraQuest has been an official Cosina Voigtlander Distributor for the US Market since 2003.  CameraQuest has the support of the Cosina factory, including access to the newest Voigtlander products, parts, and expertise to repair Voigtlander products.  

Voigtlander Warranty Details:

New Cosina Voigtlander USA Products are guaranteed one year from the date of shipment to you.
The warranty covers parts and labor,  NOT shipping or insurance which is the owner's responsibility. Owners  pay shipping and insurance on warranty repairs.  The shipping liability is with the shipper and their insurance.  If anything is damaged or lost in shipment, it is the owner's responsibility to deal with the insurance and or the shipper (USPS, FEDEX, UPS etc...). The Voigtlander warranty extends to the original purchaser only.

The warranty includes:

  • Defects in materials

  • Workmanship

  • Mechanical working order

Not included:  Anything dropped or otherwise damaged by ANY sort of accident or abuse.   This includes inadvertently poking a finger thru the shutter while trying to load film, and jamming the shutter by trying to advance the film while the shutter was still open from the previous exposure.  The warranty is void IF, in our opinion, the item was damaged by a previous repair attempt.  

For CameraQuest sales through shop.cameraquest.com: we at record CameraQuest Voigtlander serial numbers BEFORE we ship the product to you. Thus, there is no warranty paper work for you to fill out. 

For CameraQuest supplied Voigtlander dealer sales: You must supply a dealer receipt, which we will verify for warranty repairs.

If you have a problem with your new Cosina Voigtlander product, please describe the problem by email to CameraQuest@earthlink.net to confirm attention is needed. Please include all emails with the returned item.

Rush repairs are not possible for warranty or non-warranty repairs. 

Most Voigtlander warranty repairs will be shipped back within  3-4 weeks after receipt. However, older and rare Cosina Voigtlander products can take longer if parts are not immediately available.   


Honoring THK or Schneider Voigtlander USA Warranties: 

There may be some old stock on dealer shelves with the warranty cards from the previous distributors.   CameraQuest will honor Schneider or THK Voigtlander USA warranties providing the customer 

  • Emails first to obtain  warranty repair authorization 

  • Sends the original warranty card,  and a copy of the bill of sale less than one year old

  • Includes payment by check for return insured shipping

  • The item was sold to them by an authorized Schneider or THK dealer

Beware of sellers providing warranty cards who were never Schneider or THK dealers, those warranty cards will not be honored because they were not authorized dealers. Foreign warranties for Voigtlander products sold in other countries will NOT be honored.