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Voigtlander Nikon Contax Rangefinder Lenses

Voigtlander produced the Bessa R2S and R2C, the ONLY production cameras EVER made in classic Nikon and classic Zeiss Contax mount WITH TTL metering!

# Voigtlander Bessa R2C Contax Rangefinder Mount 35mm Camera
Product ID : 8730263
Unit Price: $999.00 $899.00

Voigtlander Bessa R2C mechanical shutter 35mm rangefinder camera with...

Nikon Contax Rangefinder 50mm Internal Mount Rear Lens Cap
Product ID : nikon_contax_rangefinder_50mm _rear_lens_cap
Unit Price: $25.00
Nikon Rangefinder Rear Lens Cap or Zeiss Contax NEW OLD STOCK
Product ID : 10583378
Unit Price: $35.00
NEW Original OEM Nikon Nippon Kogaku Rear Lens caps for telephoto lenses...
Voigtlander Classic Nikon Rangefinder Body Cap or Zeiss Contax
Product ID : 8843425
Unit Price: $35.00
Replacement Voigtlander Body Cap for Voigtlander Bessa R2S or R2C 35mm...
Voigtlander Prominent 50mm Lens Adapter To Classic Nikon Rangefinder
Product ID : voigt_prom_nrf
Unit Price: $799.00
The practically impossible to find classic Voigtlander Prominent 50mm Lens to...
Voigtlander SC 21mm 21/4 Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens with 21mm Viewfinder
Product ID : 8689122
Unit Price: $419.00
Voigtlander  SC 21mm f/4 Nikon Rangefinder mount lens with 21mm viewfinder,...
Voigtlander SC 25mm 25/4 Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens with 25mm Viewfinder
Product ID : 8689123
Unit Price: $419.00 $299.00

Voigtlander  SC 25/4 Nikon Rangefinder mount lens with 25mm...

Voigtlander SC 35mm 35/2.5 Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens
Product ID : 8689126
Unit Price: $449.00

Voigtlander  SC 35/2.5 Nikon Rangefinder mount lens,  can be used...

Voigtlander SC 50mm 50/1.5 Nokton Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens
Product ID : 8689128
Unit Price: $599.00

Voigtlander  S 50/1.5 Nikon Rangefinder mount lens,  the only...
Voigtlander SC 50mm 50/3.5 Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens
Product ID : 8689131
Unit Price: $479.00 $299.00

Voigtlander S 50/3.5 Lens for Nikon Rangefinders. Same glass as 50/3.5...

Voigtlander SC 85mm 85/3.5 Nikon Rangefinder Mount Lens
Product ID : 8689132
Unit Price: $599.00

Voigtlander  S 85/3.5Nikon Rangefinder mount lens,  the only APO...