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Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Leica Screw Mount Ultra Wide w/ 15mm Viewfinder - Silver

Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Leica Screw Mount Ultra Wide w/ 15mm Viewfinder - Silver
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Price: $499.00
Product ID : 8715846
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Voigtlander Super-Wide 15mm f/4.5 Screw Mount SILVER

WITH 15mm Viewfinder  


wpe38E.jpg (20004 bytes)     wpe392.jpg (21144 bytes)

wpe384.jpg (26062 bytes)IF you don't realize the importance of the 15 Heliar, let me explain it to you.  The standardized Leica screw mount was introduced in 1931.   In the intervening 68 years, this was the widest lens ever made in LTM mount until Voigtlander brought out the even wider 12!   The 15 also matches the widest lens ever made for the M mount, the ultra rare limited production 15/8 Zeiss Hologon which fetches a modest $10,000 from collectors lucky enough to find one today in mint condition.   In other words, this is the only regular production 15mm lens ever in LTM or M mount!!!   Shooter after shooter has reported great results with it.  The 15's importance goes beyond that.  It made the new Voigtlander.   When 1st introduced, people couldn't believe a quality 15 lens could be made for such a low price.  Cosina gambled big on this lens, and won big.    As report after report raved about the new 15, the new Voigtlander lineup was on its way.    The 15 put Cosina's new Voigtlander lens lineup on the photographic map.      In September 2003 the SL 15/4.5  was introduced in Nikon F mount for mirror lock up.  

Field of view is 110 degrees.  F/stops 4.5 to 22 with click half stops, close focusing to an amazingly  close 11 3/4 inches, weight an astounding 4 oz, diameter 49.6mm,  length extending from body 30.7mm, built in lens shade, multi-coated  8 elements in 6 groups,  10 aperture blades, push on lens cap goes over outside edges lens shade, shares same lens cap as 25.    The 12/5.6, 15/4.5 and 25/4 are not rangefinder coupled, but then you don't need RF coupling with lenses this wide.   Depth of field is so immense, you will have no trouble getting sharp shots with your built in your head Guess the Distance focusing device.      You can use filters, but only if they are much larger than the lens, such as gelatin filters and say, 72mm filters.     Play a around with it, whatever works, works.  You will have to tape it, or more likely, hold the filter in front of the lens during the exposure.   Another option is using the 12's 77mm filter adapter.  The 15's barrel is a bit smaller, wrapping some electricians tape around the lens barrel will allow you to mount the clamp on 12's 77mm filter ring.  If you want to convince your experienced rangefinder friends that you are a rangefinder newbie, just ask them if the 15 needs rangefinder coupling.

The original plastic bodied 15 viewfinder supplied with the 15/4.5 screw mount has a easily used clear view without framelines.   In 2009 an improved metal 15 viewfinder was introduced, which 15 screw mount owners may purchase separately.  See section below on the 2009 M mount 15/4.5.   The screw mount 15 shares the VL-1 lens case, with its upper compartment for the finder and the lower compartment for the lens, with the 21, 25, and 35 Compact lenses.  The VL-1 does not fit the later M mount lenses.

While the newer M mount has rangefinder coupling and mounts filters without a filter adapter, the screw mount version has some advantages too: 1) can mount on screw mount OR M mount cameras (M mount can not be adapted to screw mount cameras) 2) lighter and roughly half the size of the M mount version 3) available in silver or black (M mount black only) 4) the RF coupling of the M mount makes no difference when lenses are adapted to the other cameras like NEX, M43 or other so called mirrorless digital cameras.

    wpe395.jpg (24026 bytes) wpe394.jpg (23062 bytes)

Yep, ALL of the new Cosina Voigtlander Leica Mount lenses are quite usable on the M8, MP, M7, M6, M5, CLE, CL  WITH TTL metering!! 

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