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Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 II Leica M Mount Asph

Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 II Leica M Mount Asph
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Price: $699.00
Product ID : 8680247
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 Voigtlander Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm f/5.6  Aspherical II 

The Version II is a good choice for film cameras, as it is less expensive and smaller than Version III




Screw Mount 12/5.6, M mount 12/5.6, New Version 12mm Viewfinder, 1st Version 12mm Viewfinder

M mount 15/4.5 and M mount 12/5.6

  • New version is M bayonet mount - fits all Leica M mount cameras - but not screw mount cameras

  • New M version now has rangefinder coupled focusing, not lens distance scale focusing as before

  • New M mount 12/5.6 has same optics as previous version Screw Mount 12/5.6

  • Rangefinder Close focus .7m - if your camera's rangefinder can focus to .7m

  • New M version takes 67mm filters without a filter adapter like original version required

  • Scale focusing from .5m to .7m

  • Weight 230 grams, length 42.5 mm

  • New M version has larger built in lens hood

  • New much improved vision metal 12mm viewfinder now has brightline, roughly 1/2 size of 1st version $349



The smaller format Leica M8/8.2 as well as the Epson RD1 can use the Voigtlander 15-35 Zoomfinder with 12mm or 15mm lenses!

In use the new Voigtlander M mount 12/5.6 handles better than the screw mount version, and of course now offers rangefinder coupling and can easily use filters - without the filter adapter necessary on the earlier screw mount version.  The new 12mm viewfinder is much improved with a brighter, easy to see image as well as a brightline.  On the other hand, the screw mount 12/5.6 is usable on screw mount cameras - something not possible with M mount lenses. 

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