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Nikon // Contax Rangefinder

Voigtlander lens adapters for classic external mount Nikon and Zeiss Rangefinder cameras.

These will not work on the Zeiss G series or internal mount 50mm lenses lacking a focusing helical.
Amedeo Dedicated 50mm SC mount to Leica M mount -
Amedeo Nikon Contax External Mount to Leica M240 -
Amedeo Nikon Contax Rangefinder mount to M43 Cameras Adapter -
Amedeo Nikon Contax Rangefinder Mount to M43 Micro 4/3 Camera Body Adapter -
Amedeo Nikon Rangefinder mount to Leica M mount Adapter -
Amedeo Nikon/Contax Rangefinder Mount to Sony E Mount NEX Adapter -
Amedeo Zeiss Contax Rangefinder Mount to Leica M Mount Adapter -
Contax Rangefinder 50mm to Leica M mount for Sony E Close Focus Adapter -
Rayqual Leica M Lens Adapter to Fuji X Series Camera -
Rayqual SC (Classic Nikon & Contax Rangefinder External Mount Lenses) to Sony E / NEX -
Rayqual SC (Classic Nikon & Contax Rangefinder) to Fuji X-Pro1 / X-E1 Camera Body Lens Adapter -
Voigtlander Classic Nikon Rangefinder / Zeiss Contax Rear Lens Cap -
Voigtlander Meter VCII - Shoe Mounted Silicon Meter with LED readout - BLACK -
Voigtlander Meter VCII - Shoe Mounted Silicon Meter with LED readout - CHROME -
Voigtlander Nikon RF 50mm to Leica M for Sony E Close Focus Adapter -
Voigtlander Prominent 50mm Lens Adapter To Classic Nikon Rangefinder -