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Fujifilm GFX 50s Medium Format Digital Camera Body

Fujifilm GFX 50s Medium Format Digital Camera Body
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Price: $5,499.00
Product ID : FGFX_50s
Manufacturer: Fuji
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 The New FujiFilm GFX-50s Digital Medium Format Camera
GFX 1st Impressions


In form and function, the GFX without EVF finder is much like a modern update of the Hasselblad 500CM. Except that the GFX movable LCD is much brighter, sharper, easier to use and gives much more info than the Hasselblad V series waist level finder. If you like waist level medium format film cameras, the GFX without EVF is a dream to use. Relatively small, lightweight, quiet, with more options than any classic medium format camera. It no longer makes sense to get a digital back for medium format film cameras. Get a GFX with the proper lens adapter for your lenses instead.

With its built in focal plane shutter the GFX is obviously adaptable to just about any medium format lens with the right adapter. The killer app is that many 35mm format lenses are being found to cover the GFX sensor as well! The search is on to experiment and find WHICH 35mm format lenses work well on the GFX. Generally I would expect primes to have larger image circles than zooms - but there some zooms might work as well. Another bonus is that 35mm format lenses generally have higher resolution than medium format lenses.

The GFX's bang for the buck plus incredible adaptable lenses is likely to all but kill sales for medium format competitors, high end DLRS for slow shooting applications, and even the Leica SL. The great thing is that those big lens investments can stay intact - just get an adapter to use your lenses on the GFX. If your needed adapter is not available today, its just a matter of time.
 Don't forget manual focusing. Personally I prefer manual focusing for the GFX anyway for most applications.

Both the GFX EVF and LCD are very bright and detailed, so close to SLR quality that I don't miss the SLR experience on the GFX at all.

So yeah, I like the GFX a lot so far.





It uses the new large-diameter “G Mount” and incorporates a large 43.8x32.9mm CMOS sensor in the first-ever such move by Fujifilm. Boasting the effective pixel count of 51.4 million, the camera delivers superior sharpness and image quality that will satisfy professional photographers shooting commercial, fashion or fine-art landscapes. 

It uses the “X Processor Pro” imaging processor, which provides Fujifilm’s outstanding color and tone reproduction, delivering unparalleled photographic expression that can only be offered thanks to Fujifilm’s unique expertise in medium-format cameras.

Mirrorless Technology

The GFX is an all-new mirrorless camera system that revolutionizes the concept of medium-format cameras.

Compared to conventional medium-format digital cameras, the GFX is astonishingly lightweight and compact, and its dust and weather resistant body gives it the durability required for outdoor shoots.
A collection of accessories that meet the needs of photographers, including a vertical battery grip and a rotary adapter that can rotate the detachable electronic viewfinder to any angle to suit any scene will be launched at the same time. The camera also supports tethered shooting, which has become an essential part of the professional photographers’ workflow, and will be compatible with various RAW conversion application software.

New  Mount

The design and manufacturing expertise nurtured over many years of FUJINON lens development has been used to produce lenses with the world’s highest level of image resolution. Unique to the new GFX, Fujifilm has developed a new “G Mount” with a short flange back distance of just 26.7mm, an advantage of the mirrorless camera system.

Initial lens lineup consists of six lenses; a standard prime “GF63mmF2.8 R WR” (equivalent to 50mm in the 35mm format), a wide-angle standard zoom “GF32-64mm F4 R LM WR” (equivalent to 25-51mm in the 35mm format) and a mid-telephoto macro 1:0.5 “GF120mmF4 Macro R LM OIS WR” (equivalent to 95mm in the 35mm format), a fast aperture mid-telephoto “GF110mmF2 R LM WR” (equivalent to 87mm in the 35mm format), a super wide  “GF23mmF4 R LM WR” (equivalent to 18mm in the 35mm format), a wide “GF45mmF2.8 R WR” (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm format).

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